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Tommy Sunshine is one of the best Dj I’ve seen live my whole life he electrifies the crowd with his high energy electro clash music. Throwing positive energy around the whole room in a full circle!

Tommy Sunshine paying tonight at celebrates Vancouver Bc December 12th 2008

I’m writing this post about my daughter Kayla who just landed her first job at Dairy Queen. Kayla is 14 and is a very motivated girl she understands that if you want new clothes you can’t always count on mom and dad especially in these hard economic times. Kayla didn’t just go out to looking for her first job so she could make money for new clothes she had a higher purpose which was to help her mother out financially she see’s how hard her mother works trying to keep her happy & settled. I do my best to help but its nice to know even though we are not all together we can still help the ones we love out. Congratulations to you my smart and beautiful teenage girl Kayla hope you hook dad up a deal on ice cream.

dsc01542Dairy Queen Vegas style!

The family man

Click here to look through this amazing photographers work!

amazing photo!

Just added comments from the author of Kilburn Hall Official blog which talks about George Bush in this very well written political blog check out the link here …….


Kilburn Hall’s Weblog
The Official Blog of Author Kilburn Hall

Doesn’t it look radiant on the lovely Sasha!


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