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I just started taking Mona Vie in the past 2 weeks & I’m blown away with all the possitive things about it.
Contact me for more info about ordering the Mona Vie 604 773 5174 or e-mail


Just some fun photos me & Elena took the first week of September on our walk along the kitsalino sea wall.

He’s some photos from my weekend of horse racing & partying with my good friend Steve.

3rd Annual Surf Dog Surf a Thon Photos / Video
Dog Beach Del Mar / Sept. 7 2008
A Dog catches a wave at The Surf Dog Surf a Thon Sept. 7th at Dog Beach in Del Mar

This plugs is a funny one obviously Coca Cola needs no help with its marketing but I thought I would do this one just for fun. Here’s the story behind this product plugging.. We where out today at my Uncle Bills annual fish fry when my girlfriend asked me to get her a drink. I go inside the house and look inside there fridge & find nothing to drink but Coca Cola & Beer. Personally the beer looked better to me but I decided to grab 3 Cokes. By the time I got back there where 3 cokes on the table & my girl laughed and said sorry Dave your too late your mom had 3 cokes in her purse. I laughed & then out of no where my grandma pulls out 3 cans of coke & says anyone want a coke. We all start laughing & crack open a can of coke. Mine was ice cold & i drank it with the same enjoyment an ice cold beer gives me. Not a big fan of pop but coke was my just for fun plug of the week. I do have to say I like coke better than Pepsi. Coke this plugs for you!

Just me & Elena goofing around with photos under the murals on the wall at Jerico beach.

Took a walk along False Creek sea wall here in kitsalino what an amazing city we live in! No wonder we have been on the top 3 most beautiful cities in the world for so many years now.
Living here in heaven Kits Vancouver BC

Welcome back to Vancouver Red Bull I remember the 2006 flugtag event at science world that was strait up Awsome! Now 2008 September 07 Red Bulls back with the 2008 Vancouver Red Bull Soap box races. I’ve never seen them but after red bulls last event I’m sure this will be a free show you won’t wanta miss! Not to mention free Red Bull & cute red bull babes.

What a great trailer from the August 2006 Red Bull flugtag event held at False Creek Vancouver. I personally found it to be the best free city event of the summer of 2006.

Cheers to the newly weds John & Roberta Lambert!

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