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Anyone who has not seen this movie needs to get down to the theatre and check it out! Me and Davie watched it last night and it is pure magic. First off the little “Creamy” who narrates the story is so so sweet. Oh and for those who do not know, as we didn’t before watching this movie, creamies are what they called mixed race children of white Australian and Aboriginal blood. This is a story of determination, passion, love and fantastic imagination. If you want to learn about a piece of history you probably didn’t know about than this is the movie to see. You will get a glimpse of what happened during WWII in Australia. There are so many different layers in this film. It covers issues on race, war, power and gender, all that and so much more. This film is a genuine beauty. The acting, the storyline the amazing cinematography will take you back in time but at the same time touch on all of the most important values in our lives today. This is a perfect film for all. Young, old, mom, dad, brother, sister daughter, son. A definite must see. Warms your heart and opens your eyes.


Starring: Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr., Steve Coogan, Jay Baruchel
Directed by: Ben Stiller
2008 DreamWorks/Paramount Studios Comedy

Tropic Thunder Rolling Stone Review

After the parade we drove all the way to Richmond to see the Batman the dark night movie. The line up was around the block! This is the second time we attempted to see Batman the dark night & had to turn back due to the large line ups which are hours long to get in! Whats the secret to seeing this movie I may wait a few weeks a try again. Even missed the all you can eat Sushi bars in Vancouver all closed before midnight! So Sad! Still had fun though thanks to Rick & Elena for making the day still fun.

I watched the movie Selena this morning & have to say my heart is still crying for her after watching this movie… RiP Selena

The infamous quote from the must see scariest movie this year…. “Strangers”
Check out the trailer here. Saw it this afternoon & was so scared we plan to sleep with the lights on tonight.

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