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Anyone who has not seen this movie needs to get down to the theatre and check it out! Me and Davie watched it last night and it is pure magic. First off the little “Creamy” who narrates the story is so so sweet. Oh and for those who do not know, as we didn’t before watching this movie, creamies are what they called mixed race children of white Australian and Aboriginal blood. This is a story of determination, passion, love and fantastic imagination. If you want to learn about a piece of history you probably didn’t know about than this is the movie to see. You will get a glimpse of what happened during WWII in Australia. There are so many different layers in this film. It covers issues on race, war, power and gender, all that and so much more. This film is a genuine beauty. The acting, the storyline the amazing cinematography will take you back in time but at the same time touch on all of the most important values in our lives today. This is a perfect film for all. Young, old, mom, dad, brother, sister daughter, son. A definite must see. Warms your heart and opens your eyes.

Paris Hilton needs a New best friend forever fuker. Paris is asking the good folks checking in on Daves blog to Vote now. Paris Hilton needs a best friend who can strike a pose when the cameras on on them, can party like a rockstar, always look good & shop, shop and more shop. Vote now and help Paris find her new best friend.
paris_hilton vote now for her new BFF

Paris Hilton sexxy blond bombshell





Watch the lovely Elena dressed like an elf dancing in the snow. Just click the photo below and wait for Elena to shake her money maka!

Quote from president George W. Bush ‘ cindamā ‘usāfir li-l-khārij, dā’iman ‘akhudh macī thalātha sanādīq mina l-kacki l-misriyy

Translation from worlds most dangerous terrorist George W Bush message to the people of the modern world…

When I go abroad I always take three boxes of Egyptian cookies with me.

Just when you thought he was gone from the spotlight after robbing his nation for billions & billions of dollars for his own greed & the greed of fellow bottom feeding scum suckers George W Bush is back for one last shocking the nation photo shoot.

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