My name is David K I am writing this blog to show my family just how much I love them. My girlfriend Elena wanted me to go back to school so I can be a student like her. Elena is in UBC at the moment & taking 5 classes on her way to becoming a teacher. She just got her grades back from her classes and so far has had a great term 3 a’s , 1 a+ & 1 a- Usually in school I am very competitive but against Elena I am no match. I really want to do something for a job where I work from home so if Elena has to move from place to place with her teaching career I can join her. Computer based jobs I have been doing with film & photography for the past decade online & offline selling my photography & films world wide for over 10 years. This year being my 10 year as a photo & film production company’s anniversary.  In 2008 I plan to do a series of blogs to market online products & make money through affiliate marketing. This course blogging 101 (get into the blogospere) is to help me learn to use wordpress & all the technical parts of blogging. I have 3 classes at kitsalino secondary adult night school. I was requested to make my first blog on something that I would enjoy blogging about & I choose my family. I plan to keep updating this blog weekly into the future for all my family & loved ones to enjoy.. So please check back in with me weekly.. David Kushneriuk (blogging class 101)