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Here are the pumpkins from the annual presidential candidate pumpkin carving content for 2008 pre elections

President Obama Pumpkin

John McCains Pumpkin

Let the good people reading my blog decide the winner of this years presidential candidate pumpkin carving content.

Vote now content ends at witching hour 12pm midnight tonight! October 31st Halloween 2008


Could it be the work of the worlds biggest terrorist George W for me exposing him last month on my blog?

Car fire blows out of control on cornwall street here in Kitsalino. The car was filled full of gas the night before i was told from the lady who own the car. Gas poured down the street and into our sewage vent we where more than worried it would get out of control.To be continued….

Fire raged out of control burning the car from rim to rim. Thank god the local Vancouver firemen stood tall and bravely put out the car fire. Washed the gas from the streets and saved or building.

Woke up Sunday October 26th early morning to the sound of screams and a fire truck right in front of my place across from kits beach, Vancouver. Thank god the lady driving was able to pull over and get out before the car totally turned into a firey inferno! Watched this part of the car on fire with exploding tires from my balcony. Check out part 1-3 of this out of control car fire.

To see all our photos from the parade of lost souls 2008 click here.

Putting our photos from tonight at Parade of Lost Souls, Commercial Drive up tomorrow….

Grandview Park, 1200 Commercial Drive, Saturday evening preceeding Halloween

Honour the dead, wake the living and chase away bad luck.

Hallowe’en, the Day of the Dead and All Saints Day are traditional celebrations in many cultures. For some cultures, this celebration marks the end of the year. The Parade of the Lost Souls is an attempt to regain some of the significance of these seasonal celebrations. A colorful torch-lit procession makes its way through neighbourhood streets and alleys. Spectral brides dance under the street lights. The spirits awake and and everyone takes part in a grand finale featuring torch choreography and fireworks.
During October, there are lantern workshops at Britannia Community Centre. Call the Public Dreams office for information 604.879.8611,

Wanta see more steamy photos and video of Amber Lee Ettinger? Click here

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