Not that I’m trying to be overly pessimistic, but PC computers seem to be forever breaking down. If it is not one thing than it is another, error message after error message will pop up on the screen, directing the user to shut down, restart, reinstall etc etc. How much more will it take for the whole world to move up and move on. The Mac revolution is born. Spread the word…. with Mac there will be no more error messages, there will be no more calling India at 2am in the morning to get a hold of someone at tech support. Mac is the future, switch over now. Now, for all you skeptics I was also once a PC user, and yes I thought that I would never be able to readjust to the Mac system, but there is a reason they call Mac “user friendly.” Not only is the system easier to navigate through, but the amount of time that you will save from not rebooting your computer is invaluable. So come one come all and join the masses, we are all living in a Mac world and we want you to enjoy all the freedom and fun that Apple users do. Oh and on that note, we all know that microsoft may have invented numerous amounts of programs, that we are a.) all familiar with and b.) have already bought, but have no fear the Mac genius is here. Just take your PC programs into the Mac store and they can install them for you. However, what is more likely to happen is that you’ll find the programs that come with your new Mac are more than good enough and you’ll wonder why you ever bothered with the other. Follow the shinning white apple. The Mac world awaits you.