This plugs is a funny one obviously Coca Cola needs no help with its marketing but I thought I would do this one just for fun. Here’s the story behind this product plugging.. We where out today at my Uncle Bills annual fish fry when my girlfriend asked me to get her a drink. I go inside the house and look inside there fridge & find nothing to drink but Coca Cola & Beer. Personally the beer looked better to me but I decided to grab 3 Cokes. By the time I got back there where 3 cokes on the table & my girl laughed and said sorry Dave your too late your mom had 3 cokes in her purse. I laughed & then out of no where my grandma pulls out 3 cans of coke & says anyone want a coke. We all start laughing & crack open a can of coke. Mine was ice cold & i drank it with the same enjoyment an ice cold beer gives me. Not a big fan of pop but coke was my just for fun plug of the week. I do have to say I like coke better than Pepsi. Coke this plugs for you!