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May move to Austrailia or to Holland next year I feel ill living so close to the USA!


So when John mccain’s has a heart attack & kicks the bucket Sarah Palin be the US president!
Lord help us!
Its not to late to save whats left of the USofA you can Vote & you can help stop idiots like this from ruining the US anymore than George Bush already has. Do the right thing and vote for someone with a brain & a voice!

We lost 1 trillion dollars here in Canada on the Tsx on top of the Us losses on their Dow today of 1 trillion dollars on their dirty exchange.

Full story on the US Dow stock market loss today!

Today was the biggest crash in the stock market in recorded history! Read this article….

S&P/TSX 11285.07 -840.93
TSX V 1382.03 -133.61
DJIA 10404.71 -738.42
NASDAQ 1983.73 -199.61
S&P 500 1107.21 -105.80

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Are you white & Nerdy ?
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Here’s a challenge for you can you pick out the poser nerds in these photos?

Are these guys for real?
These are kung Fu movie auditions from America. Only in America home of the Ignorant land of the Idiot! Or is the home of the free land of the brave?

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