Here’s my story we woke up late & ended up going to the Richmond Ikea to pick up some supplies for or new office & studio. Right away I was excited when I saw the sign for $3.99 swedish meat balls! We walk in the entrance & right away find a perfect for the office frosted glass table with four chairs for only $49.00. Ok frosted glass top with four nice chair only $49.00 regular $100.00 Then the meat balls ohh my god! Heavenly , half a piece of BBq chicken only $2.50 extra.
We went back shopping after eating half the food on the Ikea menu & ending up finding everything we needed on sale. I can’t count how many time I said jokingly .. Start the car! Start the car! After watching & loving this Ikea commercial clip on Tv. I had such a good trip to Ikea I just had to share it with everyone! Watch this clip & you’ll see what feeling I had today shopping at Ikea.

Had to run back for some swedish chocolates, frozen meat balls & a few other naughty fast food items which I will not mention. He he he waking up early & will be back at ikea for breakfast!