I have no idea what I did to the photos in my post! All I know is I really really love my grandma! When I watched the firework I thought about how happy I was to have such a great lady in my life! A woman who put up will all my shit and still loved me like no other! I grew with my grandmother , mother & grandfather & to have then all alive on this earth at 90 is a gift from god! My grandma will live too well over 100 & so will my grandfather. It will be a lesson to other about how much true love will hold the secrets to vitality. My grandma looking just as beautiful as she looked at 60. Married for well over 60 years, my grandparent have set the stage how love will keep you alive. I love my girl the same way & hope other will share the same feeling of love. My grandma turning 90 & looking 30 years younger. The love they have & still have has preserved there age & granting them many more years to spend with there loved ones! Us …… I love you grandma & I always will! Yours truly Dave.