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Welcoming all friends & family from facebook!
Originally I made this blog for my mother & grandma. They were looking at it so often that I started to update it daily for them. This blog was working out great for my family to see what we were up too, seeing as we live so far apart. Once I started blogging I was having way to much fun posting my photos & videos & that I wanted to share it with all my family & friends. I decided that there was no better way than to share it with everyone on my facebook. Please feel free to comment on my photos & videos & send me your photos & videos to add to my blog. I plan to update it daily so please bookmark it or add my blog to a RSS feed at the top left. I hope you enjoy my photos & posts & and come back often to see what we are up too. Its going to be a crazy summer & I promise not to bore you! See you soon…. Dave

Bookmark this blog updated daily…


Zoom zoom we were out on the sea wall all day today enjoying the sunny weather and the sweet breeze. Kimmy led the way like always followed up by Aussie friend Chrissy and my girlfriend Elena and me pulling in behind. We went from kits beach around science world to Stanley park then back over the Burrard bridge we only stopped once for food and drinks I swear. We met up with Steve and his cool T-bird at the lighthouse in Stanley park then all headed back to a patio in Kits to cool off. What another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Cool man. (add accent here) Jamaican beats and eats at Corduroy with owners Eugene, Rebeca and all their closest friends and customers. Good food, good music and good people like always, of course we would never expect anything less from two such amazing people and their great ideas they have really made the local watering hole come to life. Come down to kits Sunday nights and we be ‘jammin.

Oompa. I don ‘t think there is anything better than a street vendor selling fresh souvlaki wraps and kabobs. Kitsilano is at it again, filling the street with festivals and food. The annual Greek festival was a good way to spend a lazy Sunday, enjoying the good food with friends, listening to the music and taking advantage of the mad sales at all the stores. Another day well spent. “Man I love Kitsilano!”

Just recieved these beautiful photos from Carmen last night. What great photos! I really love to get photos sent from friends & family so please send me your photos to so I can add them to my blog. Dave

We have 20 photo galleries o far & many more to be added in the comming years. Always creating memories! Dave

What a hike, right up the side of Grouse mountain 4100 feet into the sky. It couldn’t have been more challenging but there is no stopping us. The challenge is out to anyone who wants to join us to make the climb. The plan is to take on any mountain no matter how high. Next goal – the Chief in Squamish! Any takers?

The infamous quote from the must see scariest movie this year…. “Strangers”
Check out the trailer here. Saw it this afternoon & was so scared we plan to sleep with the lights on tonight.

Family fishing weekend at lafarge lake was great times me & Steve caught 8 rainbow trout all over 2 plounds & 18 inches long. Just a great fishing day. We cooked the trout for our friends at my place later that night. Location: Lafarage lake Coquitlam

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